Ibn Aulrab




Ausumm Danse Aulina Pico Aur Magic Storm

Auldron Ser-Haat 2009 7/8 Arabian colt 2010 filly Aur Krystal Jubilee



Star Magic Jeriel



unregistered son Aur Magic Mustafa

Aur Indian Fire

Aur Star Danse 2008 filly



Aur Magic War Lancer 2009 - 2011 colt

We lost Lance June 2, 2011. After nearly seven months of no precipation we finally had a thunder storm. Lance was finally coming into his own, but the thunder storm was too much. We don't know exactly how, but he must have slipped on the slick ground, and broke his leg. I found him in the morning walking on three legs. The vet verified what I wouldn't let myself think of, and we put him down. Lance was a loving sweet colt, and even in his pain he stood giving me hugs knowing somehow I could fix everything. He's no longer in pain, and he will be forever in our hearts.