The Mares

Behind every great stallion is an even greater mare

AB Marina

Marax x Anza Sabrina

Marina was our first mare, and at the age of two she was all attitude. We weren't planning on breeding at the time but she has become a wonderful broodmare. She is the only Netherland, Polish mare in our brood, but what a mare she is. Her pedigree includes *Marax, MS Santana,* Bask & Ga'zi. Marina is a powerhouse with a wonderful disposition. She can go all day and still has energy to burn. She passes on her athleticitism and and disposition to each of her foals.  ~Video~

RT Sadearas Danse

Abu Hussen x Dansin Dear

Sadie Lady, as we call her, is our Grand Old Dam, but don't tell her that, she still thinks of herself as a kid. Sadie adds refinment, beauty and grace with a big trot to each foal. She produces highly refined foals with movement and then sum, suitable both for halter and performance. While Sadie has that fiery Arabian look about her, don't let her fool you, she is a real pussycat, which she passes on. We are retiring Sadie to live the life of luxery, maybe. There may be one more special foal in her.  She will be our Grand Dam for our young horses so they can learn horse eticate in a herd enviorment.

photo by Johnny Johnston

SDO Espree

Phyllis Selection x Espree Bi Bask

1997 CMK Chestnut - 15.1 - Maiden Mare

This elegant mare comes to us from Sierra Del Oso Arabians. She is big, bold, and has a trot to die for. An Aurab grandaughter herself, her cross with Ibn can only produce a chestnut of great beauty, size and movement. At 15.1 she should easily produce foals that mature to 15 hands or better.  We are now offering Espree for sale - $3,500 - or for Lease

Aur Bright Angel

WP Bright Magic x Aur Sabrina

2000 CMK Bay - 14.3 - has produced 2 foals

Angel, bred by Sandy Warren, combines the beauty of movement of the Aulrab line with the magic of Lewisfield Magic. Her trot is natural and unmistakeable. Her breeding speaks for itself. Now a mature mare she will add her own special magic to our line. In foal to Sierra Hesa Chief for a Quarab dilute 2010 foal. Aur Sierra Magic was born 06/12/10 at approx. 1:00 am. His color genitics will have to be verified but it seems as though he is another Sable Ivory Champagne Dun.

Jazmine Springdanser

Smokin Hot NRG x RT Sadearas Danse

2002 Chestnut - 15.0 - Maiden Mare

Sadie came to us in foal and Jazzy was the result. Because of her sireline she does not have a high enough percentage to qualify as CMK, however bred to a high percentage CMK stallion her offspring will be. From the moment she was born with her backend jumping as though she had springs in them we knew she was special. She is elegant, feminme and with a natural air that alwayse says look at me. She floats through the air in perfect form and always knows where the camera is. We are now offering Jazzy for Sale - 4,000 - or for Lease.

Starlight Serenade

Padrons Citation x Stardust Melody

1999 Bay - 15.1 - one foal to date - No Papers

We have added another mare to our band, an exquisite Padron grand daughter, who will add a touch of the Saddlebred to our half-Arabian program.  She has style, grace and beauty of her own to compliment any stallion. She has size, and substance with a long high stride, yet is exquisitely femanine. We are now offering Sere for Sale - $1,500 - or for Lease as a broodmare only. Sere came to us with a nevicular bone cist in her right front. Since she has been in pasture she has had no problems. With proper shoeing our vet said that she might be able to do some light riding

Zaras Dash of Lightng

Zaraphina Jewel x CC Dash of Lightning

2007 Gruella half-Arabian - 15.1- Maiden Mare

This little filly is a future half-Arabian broodmare. She's a smoky black grulla carring both a dun gene and a creme gene with no agouti gene. Her sire CC Dash of Lighting traces to Dash for Cash ( Hall of Fame world champion runner) on the dam line and Skipster's Lad a multi world champion quarter horse. This little lady loves to run and has all the grace & beauty of her Arabian heritage. Lightning is currently on Lease.

Lissy Currig

Scootch x Dust Commander

1987 bay - 15.1- foals from previous owner

This is our first thoroughbred mare. We obtained her in order to be able to breed Anglo-Arabian Sport Horses. She herself did well on the track as a youngster and has produced money winning get. We hope to offer Anglo-Arabian Sport Horse prospects with this fine old mare that have the grace & beauty of the Arabian. We are now offering Lizzie for Sale - $500.00 -  preferably as a companion horse or for light riding.


We have chosen our mares with great care. Each posses qualities that Arabians are known for, sound minds, solid conformations. beauty, grace, and most of all that willingness to learn, and please, that people connection that sets them apart from all other horses. It is this combination we strive to achieve, and offer for your consideration. A $500 non-refundable deposit can be applied to the purchase price researving a foal until weaning. Choose your mare, choose your stallion. We are now also offering our mares for Lease or Sale

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