Aur Sierra Magic

Aur Bright Angel x Sierra Hesa Chief



AKA Little Big Man

As part of our breeding program we decided to include half-Arabians. It took a long time but we finally found a stallion that combined the type and color dilutions with the temperment, conformation, and intellegence we were looking for to cross with Angel. Of all our mares we felt Angel would be the one that would give us the best cross with another breed, and still retain the conformational qualities we looked for in our Arabians. Sierra Hesa Chief, is a tripple dilute QH having the brown Agouti gene, the creme dilute, champagne dilute and the Dun dilute genes. With all that we were bound to come up with at least one dilute gene in the offspring. We were hoping for a colt which would then become our half-Arabian foundation stallion. Chief had already sired one triple dilute colt and we were hoping for another even though the chances were slim that we would get all three dilutes in one colt. We are pleased to anounce that not only did we get the colt we were hoping for, but it seems that we got everything else all in one package. We will have him color tested for all the dilute color genes, as well as for the brown Agouti gene. Whatever the testing shows we were not wrong about the cross. Sierra is going to be a big boy. He has a good solid hip with the long slanting shoulder, and short back that the Aulrab lines are known for. He is going to be a stunning addition to our breeding program. Add in his sweet disposition and we couldn't have asked for more.


Aur Bright Angel

Hesa Sierra Chief









The Dunn Factor


Dark Stripe

Leg Barring

Leg Barring




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