Sierra Hesa Chief

Blue Sierra Pine x Doc Bars Lil Bandit
May 23, 2006

Sable Creme Dun Tripple Dilute
AQHA, ICHR, & IBHA Registered


Champagne at it's finest! 

Genotype ataEeChchCrcrDd, UC Davis tested. Chief is sired by Blue Sierra Pine (deceased), smoky grullo x Doc Bars Lil Bandit, dark sable champagne.  Chief appears to have interited the best of both, plus some


Blue Sierra Pine Jesters Yellow Bear Black Jester King Jester
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Rein Dance Sierra Rein Dance
Sierra Lee
Perfect Sugar Wamps Perfect Pine Pine Wampy
Lecompte Mill
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Jameen Tivio
Miss Tommy Raffles Parks Stampede
Miss Dun Raffles
Bandit Supreme Sonny Supreme Sonny Dee Bar
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Sleepys Dixie Sleepy Time Fiddler
Miss Rio Dixie




A delightful stallion of familiar bloodlines with a different color and style all his own.  Chief displays striking dorsal stripe, bars on legs and withers, tipped ears, hazel eyes and freckled skin.  We see him colorblind.    Chief rides elegantly, naturally collected and versatile without resistance, always willing to learn.  Currently in Reined Cow Horse training, shown in roping, Chief possesses a gentle nature with high marks for intelligence and personality. 


Featured in D. Phillip Sponenberg's Equine Color Genetics, Third Edition.